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Some say it is a heaven on earth while other conclude by saying a bliss of solitude while I say don’t listen to others go and pay a visit and experience how paradise blooms in the field of Kashmir.
Stretched over the northern region of India it is a landlocked state sharing its boundary with neighboring country Pakistan although we get to hear a rebels over Kashmir and a border issue but if somebody why would that be in place called heaven then I would say ecstasy is desired by all but only a closest one would know how it feel to be in it but still away from it I guess that could be a reason for a border tension.
My summer vacation and I had no second opinion to finalize Kashmir as my tour destination not just beauty is defined but an expression of nature and its prolific reflection would tempt any one to seize an opportunity to visit.
It’s sad everyone do not gets an opportunity to pay a visit much cause of reason heavens calls for it and I guess I was a lucky one to get a chance to register my marks inside the surrounding of Kashmir.
Though it was a hectic journey for me but to reach within an environment of serenity and sobriquet one would not mind to go through tough time and believe me when I say the moment I got out of Jammu Tawi station all I could see was soldiers patrolling the area with guns not to create a fuse of fury but to give a helping hand to a tourist to get them out of station and to guide their way out. 

After I made my way out of station I quickly got into cab and asked him to drop to hotel where I already had my booking while I was heading towards the first wonder I witnessed was century crossed Bahu Fort an epitome erected during an era of Raja Bahulochan archetype fort was accompanied by a beauty of Tawi river.
Invincible attraction is no doubt a Kali temple adjoining Bagh-e-Bahu a beautiful porch garden and indulgence of marine life was well captured in an underground aquarium though most of the forts were under restoration but its beauty spoke a volume of delight.
Ragunath Mandir an ancient temple though Jammu is a land of temples and shrines Ragunath is one of the beauties and has a place to worship tributed to Maharaja Gulab Singh. 

If you are paying visit to Jammu then you must not forget to visit Vaishno Devi where people hoards in to cry their prayers to Matarani I also took an opportunity and had a plan to start early to avoid a traffic of general public after reaching a base camp of Katra then a trek to Trikuta was amazing you could also avail air service to reach the shrine but I decided to walk and enjoy the crowd.
Once you reach the top drizzle and fog would keep you fresh and going you could even try out a local Cuisine with many restaurant are looking forward for your visit.
Mansar Lake is a place you must observe dense forest and divine nature you could even try out boating though it is not well accommodated as Dal Lake.
My last destination was Amar Mahal palace; Mubarak Mandi Palace and the Dogra art are a beauty and a place where you must go to witness an art of Jammu and Kashmir